F. M. Lupton Publishing Company (1892-1902)

This New York publishing house was founded by Frank Moore Lupton (1854-1910). Lupton grew up on Long Island. He initially apprenticed to a printer in Greenport. Thereafter he worked for S.W. Green. With several friends he started a monthly periodical called The Cricket on the Hearth. In 1882 he founded his own company. At that time the imprint was F.M. Lupton. He continued to add titles, series and authors' sets throughout the years. In 1892 he incorporated and the imprint changed to F. M. Lupton Publishing Company. The firm changed its name to the Federal Book Company in 1902.

Here is a summary of Lupton addresses and dates:

Address dates:
37 Park Row 1875-1877
245 Broadway 1877-1879
27 Park Place 1882-1884
63 Murray Street 1885-1889
106-108 Reade Street 1890-1893 (There are some 1893 imprints noted at this address)
65 Duane Street 1892-1894
72-76 Walker Street 1894-1899
52-58 Duane Street 1899-1902
23, 25, and 27 City Hall Place 1902-

The Tom Brown books were all published as parts of various Lupton Series. All the Tom Brown books were published between 1892 and 1902.

For more information about this firm see: http://www.henryaltemus.com/lupton/index.html

Acme Series- only School Days published in this series.

Princeton Series ca. 1894


Popular two volume sets. These were originally boxed. 1892-Late 1890's.
Four formats were noted:
Cloth Imitation half bound, full gilt back
Cloth Library binding, gilt top (this book)
Half Russian
Half Calf

Lupton Series for Boys - Both titles 1900

Avon Series - 1892

Avon Series - 1897 and later

Stratford Series- 1892-1897

Windsor Edition- 1897 Both titles were published in this series

Windsor Edition- 1899 Both titles were published in this series

Gilt Top Series 1899

Gilt Top Series 1900-1902

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