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As noted before, ads prior to 1889 only mention Bibles and photographic albums. This ad from March, 1889 is one of the last not to mention any Altemus books for reading.
The bible pictured here is different from some of the other ads.



Since Altemus published no books for reading prior to 1889, this ad dated in 1887 mentions only the Altemus Bibles and photographic albums.



From the early 1880s until the early 1890s most of the Altemus advertisements in trade journals concentrated on their Bibles and photographic albums. In this ad The Philadelphia Bible Warehouse which was run by one of Henry Altemus' sons got top billing.

One of the numerous Bibles published by Altemus is shown here. Also noted here are the books of the Dore Series (Series #58) first published in 1889 as well as the first book of the Idle Hours Series (Series # 107).

This Altemus ad is one of the first that mentions books beside Bibles/Photographic Albums. As can be seen it is dated September 1890.



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