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Abraham Lincoln's Don'ts Edited by Wayne Whipple 1918

This title was published by the Henry Altemus Company in both cloth and ooze calf editions.

The cloth editions were priced at 50 cents (earliest), 60 cents and 75 cents (latest). The cloth books were published in different colors without known priorities but the dust jackets do differ between editions. Two jackets are shown below. I have not seen the jacket for the 50 cents book as of yet. Note the book's price on the dust jacket cover.

The ooze calf edition cost $1.25 and originally came within a labeled box. The books are 5.75" x 3.75".

Generally, Altemus books published in 1922 or later state "Printed in the United States of America" at the bottom of the copyright page. Since none of these books note that blurb, they were all published prior to 1922.

All of the editions/formats have the identical 96 pages of sayings that are attributable to Abraham Lincoln.


Dust Jacket of 60 cent book

Dust Jacket of 75 cent book


Book Covers


Ooze calf edition

Title page of all the books




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