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The Packers The Private-Car Lines and The People by J. Ogden Armour 1906


This 8 x 5.5 book has eight photographs. It is based on articles which previously appeared in the Saturday Evening Post.

Jonathan Ogden Armour was the president of Armour and Company, a large meat packing corporation. The subject material of this book is about the meat industry and not about the best football team in the land. The book also discusses private-car lines and private freight car system.

Armour's Saturday Evening Post articles about the meat packing business appeared on March 3, 1906, March 10, 1906, March 24 and March 31 issues. His articles about private-car lines and private freight car systems appeared in the January 6 and January 20th issues.


Earlier Edition

Later Edition




The Packers in the Saturday Evening Post

As is noted above, this book was based on articles which appeared in a number of 1906 Saturday Evening Post magazines.

Here is the March 3, 1906 magazine. The cover picture was drawn by F. B. Masters.





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