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Paul and Virginia by Bernardin De Saint-Pierre 1891


125 illustrations by Maurice Leloir

There are three formats

Henry Altemus published the first two formats of this title in 1891.
There were two formats
1. Extra fine English Cloth. Emblematic design in gold silver and inks. Gold edges. $3.00 (9 x 10 inches)-Boxed 1891-1897
2. Bound in Persian Leavnt Grain Morocco, Full Gilt, Gold edges $5.00 (Not seen) (9 x 10 inches) 1891- ca. 1900

3. Full English cloth. 9 x 10 inches (1898- ca. 1900)

Format 1.
This style was published with an 1891 title page (earlier) and an 1892 title page (later). With the exception of the date on the title page, there is nothing that distinguished to editions. This fort was published until 1897 although no title page date later than 1892 has been seen.

1891 editions



1892 editions


Format 3


Here is a one page flyer which advertises the first two formats of this title. The advertisement is not dated but the $3.00 first format book was not published after 1897 so this flyer dates between 1891-1897. This piece is the same size and is quite similar to the flyers that advertise the Dore Masterpieces and Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.


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