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Rataplan, A Rogue Elephant by Ellen Velvin 1902


This 7.5 x 5 book has 328 pages. There are twelve Gustave Verbeek illustrations on glossy paper. Sixteen chapters each highlight a different animal.

This book came with a dust jacket which has not been seen as of yet.

The author, Ellen Velvin, was born in Southampton, England. She wrote a number of books about wild animals, zoos, and animal training (including another 1902 Altemus book, Wild Creatures Afield).



The ad below appeared in 1902 in the Publisher's Weekly. I have not seen two different editions of this title. Although the advertisement notes the second edition now ready, I suspect that there is no distinguishing feature between the two editions.

This title was obviously a big seller for Altemus since it had two different printings within this first year of publication.




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