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The Watermead Affair by Robert Barr 1905


This 7.75 x 5.25 book has 127 pages. The only illustration is the frontispiece by Curtis Wager-Smith. It was priced at 50 cents.

This is the first book edition of this title. It was published in cloth for 50 cents and ooze calf in a box for $1.00.

The Watermead Affair first appeared in the October 21, 1905 edition of The Saturday Evening Post. Edward Penfield drew the front cover. John Cecil Clay did the illustrations within the magazine.

It also appeared in the 1906 Idler: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine. This version has illustrations by Wilmot Lunt. Robert Barr was an editor of this magazine.



October 21, 1905

From The Idler - 1906




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