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We have with Us To-Night by Samuel G. Blythe 1909


This little 6' x 4.5" 92 glossy page book had only one Altemus printing.There are a number of unattributed illustrations. Initially it was published as a stand-alone book but later it was included in the Jester life Series Listings. The cover was done by the Decorative Designers firm. Their characteristic logo is noted about the upper claw of the lobster on the front cover's right side.

This volume is basically a parody of an upscale banquet and its attendees.




Samuel G. Blythe (1868-1947) a friend to numerous presidents, was a well known author, newspaperman and political writer. He was a Washington correspondent for the New York World in the early years of the twentieth century and wrote a weekly column for the Saturday Evening Post.




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