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We Three and Troddles by R. Andom (pseudonym of Alfred Walter Barrett (1869-1920)) 1895

This title was first published in England. Fat Troddles and his buddies (Lean Wilks, Merry Murray and Veracious Andom) spend their time playing practical jokes and instigating various misadventures. The first English edition was published in London by Tylston and Edwards in 1894. It was illustrated by Alec Carruthers Gould (1870-1948) with silhouette illustrations.

Henry Altemus published only the first Troddles book (7.5 x 5). It has 242 pages and had a dust jacket which has not been seen. There were more than ten sequels published between 1894 and 1920, none of which were published by Altemus,

Alfred Walter Barrett using the pseudonym of R. Andom was a well known writer of humorous fiction and works of fantasy. He wrote many serials for English boy's papers in addition to more than fifty books. There is a question about Barrett's later years and the actual date of his death which is discussed here: http://bearalley.blogspot.com/2009/01/alfred-walter-barrett.html.




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