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What Women Should Know- Mrs. E. B. Duffey 1893

Altemus Published this title four times. 1893, 1895, 1896 and 1900. Although the covers of each edition are different, the 320 pages of text are identical. Each book is 7 x 4.5.











The Altemus books are reprints. The first edition was published by J. M. Stoddart and Co. in 1873. Other reprints by the Fireside Publishing House, J. S. Goodman and Co., Queen City Publishing Co., and later editions by Stoddart were all published prior to the Altemus editions

Mrs. E.(Eliza) B. (Bisbee) Duffey was an author who concentrated on women's rights and issues. Abortion, equal education rights, advice for mothers are some of her favorite issues and topics.

Reprints from as recently as 1974 are noted. This is a puzzler since the information in the book is totally out of date, inaccurate and in some instances bizarre. There is a section on the treatment of a youngster with seizures. As a neurologist I can absolutely state that the instructions are as silly as they are worthless. Most of the other proclamations about inheritance, diseases, etc. are of interest historically but not of much value today.



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