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Yawps and Other Things by William J. Lampton - 1900


Henry Altemus published two editions of this book. The title page and size (8 x 5.75) of both editions are the same. The first edition has a gold gilt top with silver lettering. It has 192 pages whereas the second edition has 196 pages.

First Edition

Second Edition

Title Page


William J. Lampton was a writer who wrote "Yawps" for the New York Sun. Yawps are basically humorous lengthy poems. Many of his New York Sun "Yawps" also appeared in this Henry Altemus Company published book.

Colonel Lampton was born in Ohio and began his newspaper career in Ashland, Kentucky. His career moved him through various newspapers including the Louisville Courier Journal, Cincinnati Merchant Traveler, and Detroit Free Press among others. Lampton wrote several other books. He died suddenly in 1917 at the age of 58.

Colonel Lampton



This little inscription from the author was found in a first edition book. It is a "Yawp".


To ?
Gee Whiz.
What a great thing a Yawp is;
and yet
It will have to get
More goodness to be
Half as great as charity!
Won't it?
Most Sincerely
W.K. Lampton
330 W. 51st St
Dec. 12th-1901



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