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A Baby's Requirements by Elisabeth Robinson Scovil 1895

This little limply bound leatherette book has 55 pages. It is 6.25" x 4.5" and cost 25 cents.

In 1888 Scovil wrote several articles entitled "Baby's Requirements" in Good Housekeeping. This Springfield, Massachusetts magazine was published by Clark W. Bryan. These articles were the foundation for this later work. In 1892 the Curtis Publishng Company printed the first edition of this book. Curtis was the publisher of the Ladies' Home Journal and one of its editors was Scovil.

By the time Altemus published this title, it was in the eleventh thousand printing.




Product advertisements in Altemus books are basically unheard of. Leinbach & Bro advertised its clothing store but that was in books that Leinbach gave away.

See: http://henryaltemus.com/ephemera/leinbach.htm. Here is the only example that I know of a product advertisement in an Altemus book. It is bound into the extremely rare 1895 Altemus edition of Baby's Requirements by Elisabeth Robinson Scovil. The book which is 6.25 x 4.5 has a limp leatherette binding.

As you can see, here is an ad for Ivory Soap. It is placed in the back of the book and there are no other ads present. I cannot explain why this ad is in this book.

There is a chapter on bathing infants in the book but it does not mention Ivory Soap.




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