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Addresses by Henry Drummond

Addresses by Henry Drummond was published by Altemus for the first time in 1891.

In 1891 this title had several different covers. The red, green and blue covers are similar except for the script in the lower left. The writing indicates what is included in the book. So the red book has four stories and only has 244 pages. The green book has five stories and is 286 pages. Finally the blue book has seven stories and is 322 pages long.

In 1891, 1892 and 1893 similar silver covers were published. The 1891 cover has been seen with either five stories (286 pages) or seven stories (322 pages).
In 1892-1893 the silver cover has been seen with eight stories and is 336 pages long.

The stories in these books include
1. The Greatest Thing in the World
2. Pax Vobiscum
3. The Changed Life
4. "First!" A Talk With Boys
5. How to Learn How
6. What is a Christian
7. The Study of the Bible
8. A Talk on Books

Most likely the 1891 blue, red and green books were published with different numbers of stories. That is, the red, blue and green covers can be found with four, five or seven lines noting stories on the cover's bottom left. Up to this time only the red 1891 book has been seen with different covers. (See below)




1891-4 stories

1891-5 stories





1892 - 1893 Dust Jacket

1892 - 1893


Here is an ad from December 1891.



This 1891 book has 322 pages and seven stories. This is similar to the blue cloth variant above.

Although it is unclear whether this book is part of a series, I have seen an 1892 Scarlet Letter in the same format.



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