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Bill of the U.S.A. by Kenneth Graham Duffield 1918

This little 62 page book (5.75 x 3.75) was published in 1918. It was copyrighted on May 1, 1918. Three different cover formats were published.
a. Cloth -50 cents
b. Imitation Morocco - 75 cents
c. Full Leather - $1.25

The interiors of the books are identical. "Printed in the United of America" does not appear on any copyright page. (This indicates a pre-1922 publication).

The cloth books have been seen with two different dust jackets. One of which has a written poem on the front and one of which does not. Between the dust jackets no known priority can be assigned.

This was a very popular book. By the fall of 1918 it was in its 27,000th printing.



Imitation Morocco

Dust Jacket (cloth cover)

Dust jacket (cloth book-variant)




Note absence of Printed in the United States of America at the base of the copyright page. (i.e. pre-1922 publication)






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