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The Care of Children by Elisabeth Robinson Scovil 1894


First Edition (early 1895)

Second Edition (later 1895)

First/Second Edition Title Page



Third Edition (pre-1900 edition)

Third Edition Title Page

Third-Forth Edition (post-1900 edition)

Fourth Edition Title Page


First edition: Has 1895 at the base of the title page despite the 1894 copyright. The title page does not say " Revised Edition with a copious Index". Significant deep embossing of the decorative pattern on the cover.

Second edition: Same as the first edition except the embossed pattern is only slightly depressed into the cover.

Third edition: Imprint is Henry Altemus and title page is not dated but it does have the "Revised Edition with a Copious Index" written on it.

Fourth edition: The imprint on the title page is Henry Altemus Co. (indicating a 1900 or later publication). The book spine is flat not rounded.


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