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A Child's History of England

In 1892 Henry Altemus published two formats of its non series book-A Child's History of England by Charles Dickens.

The cloth book was bound in extra fine English cloth and has been seen in four different colors. The orange book below is just now added to the database. It was originally priced at $3.00.

A presentation edition published in 1892 and 1893 in Persian levant Morocco priced at $5.00 has not been seen.

In 1895 at $1.50 a full cloth version seen below in red was first published.

All the formats have the 1892 copyright. They are also all 9 x 10 inches with engravings by Maurice Leloir as well as others.


1892- Fine English Cloth

1892- Fine English Cloth

1892- Fine English Cloth

1892- Fine English Cloth



1895 Full Cloth Version



September 1892 - Publishers' Weekly

This full page ad which appeared in the Publishers' Weekly in September 1892 shows how Henry Altemus was starting to move away from concentrating on Bibles and more towards books for reading. The Bibles which were previously given top billing in the ads is now at the bottom of this full page ad.

The Dore Masterpieces (Series # 78) are noted with a format 5 book pictured. This is proof positive that this format was published by late 1892.

Also pictured is a copy of A Child's History of England. The four books listed as New Editions were among the very first reading type books that Altemus published. The various editions were deluxe and very expensive for the time.


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