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George Washington Jones by Ruth McEnery Stuart 1903

This 147 page book is 7" x 4.75". There are five glossy page illustrations done by Edward Potthast. This book was priced at $1.00.

1903 Dust Jacket


Title page


It is always special to find a book inscribed by the author. Here and there over the years I have discovered a few Altemus published books with author inscriptions.

Here is an example.

Ruth McEnery Stuart (1849 or 1852-1917) was mainly known as an author of "Negro dialect books". She developed her writing style utilizing experiences from her birth state of Louisiana and subsequent years in Arkansas. In 1891 she moved to New York City where she spent the rest of her days.

Her only Altemus book is George Washington Jones- A Christmas Gift that Went A-Begging. It was published in 1903. There are five glossy illustrations done by Edward Potthast.

Stuart presented the book shown here in 1911 to Florence Hall Colgate. Interestingly, Colgate's engagement to Major St. John Greble is noted in 1917 in the New York Times. Her father was Gilbert Colgate, president and chairman of the Board of Colgate & Co.(of Colgate-Palmolive fame). His five children divided up his three million dollar estate upon his death in 1932.


Author Inscription

Ruth McEnery Stuart



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