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Get Rich Quick Wallingford- George Randall Chester 1908


In 1908 Altemus published Get Rich Quick Wallingford by George Randolph Chester. George Randolph Chester (1869-1924) was an author, playwright and actor. This book was the first of a series of three books about a con man. It was the only one published by Henry Altemus. There was only one Altemus edition. Both Bobbs-Merrill Company and A. L. Burt reprinted this title.

This story was serialized and first appeared in the Saturday Evening Post beginning in October 5, 1907. This magazine was published by the Curtis Publishing Company. Thus the Curtis 1907 copyright notation.




These ads appeared in Publishers' Weekly in 1908.


George Randolph Chester

Inspired by the success of the book Altemus planned to publish his next book: The Making of Bobby Burnit. On February 27, 1909 the advertisement below (on the left) appeared in Publishers' Weekly.

This title was never mentioned again in any of the Altemus catalogues or in any other Henry Altemus book trade advertisement. It is obviously an Altemus phantom title.

Later Bobbs-Merrill Company published The Making of Bobby Burnit in June, 1909.



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