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The Golden Year Annual- 1929

This oversized (11 x 8.75) more than 100 page book is comprised of numerous stories and poems for youngsters. It has illustrated endpapers. It cost $2.00.

A number of different authors and illustrators contributed.

The list includes Fred Spurgin, Winifred Barham, N. E. Tuckett, Freda Isabel Noble, B. Gower, Hyman W. Perlzweig, M. M. Gell, T. Parlett, May Gladwin and others. There are line drawn illustrations as well as full page color pictorial pictures. The stories and poems have no author attribution. Some of the illustrations are signed whereas others are not.

This is one of the rarest of Altemus books. It undoubtedly came with a dust jacket but as of yet I have not seen it.




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