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Half-a-Dozen Housekeepers- Kate Douglas Wiggin 1903

There are three printings of the only Altemus edition of this book:

Printing #1 (First edition). The cover of the book is pale blue or maroon with white lettering. There is no prefatory note after page ix.

Printing #2. The second printing is pale blue with white lettering and has the prefatory note.

Printing #3. The third printing is tan with blue lettering. It has the prefatory note.

Each of the three editions have the same dust jacket.

For more information see the Bibliography of American Literature. Volume 9. Jacob Blanck.


Dust Jacket

First Printing

First or Second Printing


Third Printing

Prefatory Note Page

Autograph Inscription

This book was a big seller for Altemus. As can be seen in this 1903 ad from "The Bookseller, Newsdealer and Stationer", Altemus had sold 10,000 copies during the first year of this title's publication. The popularity of this title probably explains the necessity for three printings of the first edition.



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