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Klondike and the Yukon Country by L. A. Coolidge 1897

The first edition of this title was published in wraps and in cloth. The books are 7 x 5 and have 213 pages plus ads. There are a number of maps and unattributed photographs. The book in wraps cost 50 cents. The cloth book was priced at $1.00.

First Edition

First Edition



A second edition published later in 1897 has several new chapters and has 251 pages. This book has endpaper maps and a number of new photographs. The preface is dated September, 1897.

Here is an interesting flyer that advertises Klondike written by L.A. Coolidge. It is 5.75 x 3.5. This piece was published by the Thomson Stationery Company located in Vancouver. Two Klondike books are advertised.


Below is a contemporaneous review of this book.


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