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Since all the books in this series are reprints, a seller ought to have something special if he thinks he is going to get any real money. The two things he needs most are a potential buyer who knows nothing about books and a description that is blatantly false, advertising the book as something it is not- "special".

The ad:

Antique Book The Light of Asia Philosophy

US $50.00
Starting bid

Manufacturer: Henry Altemus, Philadelphia Illustrated Photo of Sir Arnold Written on blank page inside Christmas 1898, Merry Christmas etc. First blank page missing. No date or copyright. 1St. Edition? Maroon leather look cover decorated. approx. 4 1/4"w by 6 1/8" h. In good shape.

Since the seller does not make any false claims about this 1897 book, he better hope there is some incredibly naive buyer willing to pony up $50 for a $5-10 (if lucky) book.


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