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Boys and Girls Classics (Series 57)


This series was published between 1908 and the 1920's. The title page and the text are identical to the same title when it was published in the Young People's Library (#202).

Here is a listing that is way out of line. Both the description and the price have little basis in reality.


Author Name: Sewell, Anna
Title: BLACK BEAUTY: Told in Short Form and in Pictures [ 1st ]
Edition: First Edition First Printing
Publisher: Philadelphia Henry Altemus Co
Price = 375.00 USD

Reality: The true first edition was published in 1890 by the American Humane Society. By the time this book was published in the teens Altemus had printed this title in more than 20 different series in numerous different formats. So not only is it not a first edition but is not even close to being an Altemus first edition.

This copy does not come with its original box so the price of $375 is even more outlandish. If a buyer spends more than $15-20 on this book, he needs to take some of the same prescription medicine that the seller should be taking for offering this book at this price.


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