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Unknown Series


The Scarlet Letter below was published in 1899. It has a picture with an 1899 copyright which indicates an 1899 or later publication date. It was published by Henry Altemus not Henry Altemus Company which tells us it was published before 1900. Thus, 1899 is the year. There is no 1899 series that this book fits within. There is also no 1899 Scarlet Letter published outside a series published in 1899 based on the Altemus catalogues.

Tanglewood Tales below has the same characteristics as the Scarlet Letter book. 1899 copyright picture and published by Henry Altemus. Also therefore an 1899 book. But again no series that this books fits into.

Both books are the same size -6.5 x 4.5. They clearly however have no other similarities of style/format.

Hopefully other similar books will turn up in the future. For now these books will be categorized as UNKNOWN SERIES

Of unrelated interest is that these titles are frequently wrongly dated by unsophisticated sellers/buyers. Reprints of these titles always include the original prefaces. These prefaces are dated in the 1850's. Some mistake the preface reprint for an original publication date.


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