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This book was most likely published in 1908. Ads in the back tell the story of the date of publication. Non Series book Jester Life is listed. This book was first published in 1908. Ads for the Little Men and Women Series do not list Helen's Babies which was published in 1909. Thus 1908 is the date.

This book's cover is very similar to the books of Series #59 The Boys and Girls Own Library. See: http://henryaltemus.com/series/series59.htm These books have green lines surrounding the title and the picture of the main character in the book. This book has a picture of a tree as opposed to the character.

The Vademecum Series books of 1901 have a similar cover but they have a three paneled picture unlike this book. Plus this book was published many years after the Vademecum book.

Thus, although I am inclined to think that this book belongs in Series #59, but at this point it has to go into the unknown series category.

Vademecum Series 1901

Boys and Girls Own Library

Unknown Series Book


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