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Unknown Series


Presently I have seen four books with the cover below. These books have soft embossed leather covers.
1. Fanchon the Cricket
2. Tartarin of the Alps
3. Lucile
4. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Fanchon was published by Henry Altemus (pre-1900) whereas Tartarin and Lucile were published by Henry Altemus Company (1900 or later).

Only five series include all four of these titles:
Series #48 Beauxarts Series-Later numbering
Series #118 L'Art Nouveau Series
Series #130 Marqueterie Series
Series #143 Petit Trianon Series
Series #180 Vademecum Series-Later numbering

So these books either belong to one of the above series or a series which has yet to be discovered.


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