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Series 10 - Conquest of the U.S.

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Conquest of the U.S.
1916 - 1916
War - WWI
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Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 Invasion of the United States Hancock, H. Irving 1916  
2 In the Battle for New York Hancock, H. Irving 1916  
3 At the Defense of Pittsburgh Hancock, H. Irving 1916  
4 Making the Last Stand for Old Glory Hancock, H. Irving 1916  


Henry Altemus Company      Format: 1      Volumes: 1 - 4
Grey cloth with appliqué cover. Line drawn illustration shows soldiers marching in double file holding a foreign flag. White coated dust jacket matches the book.

Henry Altemus Company      Format: 2      Volumes: 1 - 4
Greenish cloth cover with line drawn illustration of a number of soldiers with rifles standing behind a barricade. Dust jacket has a pictorial multicolored picture of soldiers on horseback.

Series Notes:
1. Although this is not the rarest of Altemus' Boys juvenile series, it certainly is the most valuable. These books, especially with dust jackets, are more costly than any other Altemus juvenile series' books.
2. The pictorial dust jacket of format #2 was illustrated by Walter Hayn.


Detailed information about dating this series can be found at http://henryaltemus.com/juveniles/


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Format 1

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Format 1


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