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Series 100 - Good Time Series

Series Name:
Publish Dates:
Good Time Series
1903 - 1903
Children's stories
Series Number:


Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 Under the Stars Kingsley, Florence Morse 1903 Anonymous
2 Story of the Robins Trimmer, Sarah 1903 Greenaway, J.
3 Jackanapes Ewing, Juliana H. 1903 Caldecott, Randolph
4 Christmas Stocking Wetherell, Elizabeth 1903 Anonymous
5 Laddie Anonymous 1903 Brill, George Reiter
6 Making a Start Jenks, Tudor 1903 Mason, R.L.
7 Story of a Donkey De Segur, Madame La Comtesse 1903 Oliver, E.A.
8 Miss Toosey's Mission Anonymous 1903 Brill, George Reiter
9 Blue Grass Beauty Jackson, Gabrielle E. 1903 L., W.H.
10 Story of a Short Life Ewing, Juliana H. 1903 Anonymous
11 Jessica's First Prayer Stretton, Hesba 1903 Brill, George Reiter
12 Adventures of Baron Munchausen Raspe, Rudolph Erich 1903 Dory, G.


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Cloth. Various book specific multi-colored illustrations with the title and author lettered on the front cover. Dust jacket is brown uncoated duplicating the picture and lettering on the front cover. 7.75 x 5.5.

Series Notes:
1. The frontispiece illustrator of Miss Toosey's Mission and of Laddie was Walter Cooper Bradley. The internal illustrations were done by Brill.
2. Weir did some illustrations in The Story of the Robins.
3. Although only #11 Jessica's First Prayer and #8 Miss Toosey's Mission have been seen with two different covers, it is entirely possible other books have two covers. A case in point is that the jacket seen with Laddie is different from the underlying cover. It is presumed that there is also a cover matching the picture on the Laddie's jacket. The cover and jacket of Laddie are shown here.
4. The illustrations of the earlier editions are on glossy paper whereas in the later editions the illustrations are on plain paper.



#1 Dust Jacket




#2 Dust Jacket


#3-earlier variant



#3-later variant

#3 Dust Jacket-earlier

#3 Dust Jacket-later

Dust Jacket Reverse





#5 Dust Jacket




#6 Dust Jacket






#8 Dust Jacket




#9 Dust Jacket




#10 Dust Jacket-earlier

#10 Dust Jacket-later









#12 Dust Jacket-earlier

#12 Dust Jacket-later


Advertising Flyer


Another advertising flyer has been discovered. It is for Series #100- Good Times Series.

This flyer is 8 x 5.5 which is slightly larger than the page size of the actual Good Time Books. It was discovered within a book from the series.



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