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Series 163 - Sanspareil Series (later numbering-1899)

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Sanspareil Series (later numbering-1899)
1899 - 1899
Varied reprint editions
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Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 Abbe Constantin Halevy, Ludovic    
2 Adventures of a Brownie Mulock, Miss    
3 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Carroll, Lewis    
4 Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Franklin, Benjamin    
5 Autocrat of the Breakfast Table Holmes, Oliver Wendell    
10 Bab Ballads and Savoy Songs Gilbert, W.S.    
11 Bacon's Essays Bacon, Francis    
12 Balzac's Shorter Stories Balzac, Honore de    
13 Barrack-Room Ballads and Ditties Kipling, Rudyard    
15 Black Beauty Sewell, Anna    
16 Blithedale Romance Hawthorne, Nathaniel    
17 Poems (Bryant) Bryant, William Cullen    
23 Camille Dumas, Alexandre    
24 Carmen Merimee, Prosper    
25 Chesterfield's Letters, Sentences and Maxims Chesterfield, Lord    
26 Childe Harold's Pilgrimage Byron, Lord    
27 Christie's Old Organ Walton, O.F.    
28 Confessions of an Opium Eater De Quincey, Thomas    
29 Cranford Gaskell, Mrs. E.C.    
30 Crown of Wild Olive Ruskin, John    
35 Day Breaketh Shugert, Fannie    
36 Discourses, Epictetus Long, George    
37 Dog of Flanders Ouida    
38 Dream Life Mitchell, Ik (Donald G.)    
42 Emerson's Essays, First Series Emerson, Ralph Waldo    
43 Emerson's Essays, Second Series Emerson, Ralph Waldo    
44 Essays of Elia Lamb, Charles    
45 Ethics of the Dust Ruskin, John    
46 Evangeline Longfellow, Henry    
51 Fairy Land of Science Buckley, Arabella B.    
52 Fanchon Sand, George    
53 For Daily Bread Sienkiewicz, Henry    
57 Grammar of Palmistry St. Hill, Katharine    
58 Greek Heroes Kingsley, Charles    
59 Gulliver's Travels Swift, Jonathan    
64 Hania Sienkiewicz, Henry    
65 Heroes and Hero Worship Carlyle, Thomas    
66 Song of Hiawatha Longfellow, Henry    
67 Poems (Holmes) Holmes, Oliver Wendell    
68 House of the Seven Gables Hawthorne, Nathaniel    
69 House of the Wolf Weyman, Stanley    
75 Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow Jerome, Jerome K.    
76 Idylls of the King Tennyson, Alfred Lord    
77 In Memoriam Tennyson, Alfred Lord    
82 Jessica's First Prayer Stretton, Hesba    
83 John Ploughman's Pictures Spurgeon, Rev. Charles    
84 John Ploughman's Talk Spurgeon, Rev. Charles    
85 J. Cole Gellibrand, Emma    
89 Kavanagh Longfellow, Henry    
90 Kidnapped Stevenson, Robert Louis    
91 Knickerbocker's History of New York Irving, Washington    
95 La Belle Nivernaise Daudet, Alphonse    
96 Laddie and Miss Toosey's Mission Anonymous    
97 Lady of the Lake Scott, Sir Walter    
98 Lalla Rookh Moore, Thomas    
99 Last Essays of Elia Lamb, Charles    
100 Lays of Ancient Rome Macaulay, Thomas B.    
101 Let Us Follow Him Sienkiewicz, Henry    
102 Light of Asia Arnold, Edwin    
103 Poems, Volume I (Longfellow) Longfellow, Henry    
104 Poems, Volume II (Longfellow) Longfellow, Henry    
105 Poems (Lowell) Lowell, James Russell    
106 Lucile Meredith, Owen    
112 Magic Nuts Molesworth, Mrs.    
113 Manon Lescaut Prevost, Abbe    
114 Marmion Scott, Sir Walter    
115 Milton's Poems Milton, John    
116 Mulvaney Stories Kipling, Rudyard    
122 Natural Law in the Spiritual World Drummond, Henry    
130 Paradise Lost Milton, John    
131 Paradise Regained Milton, John    
132 Paul and Virginia Sainte-Pierre, Bernardin de    
133 Phantom Rickshaw Kipling, Rudyard    
134 Plain Tales from the Hills Kipling, Rudyard    
135 Pleasures of Life Lubbock, John    
136 Poems (Poe) Poe, Edgar Allan    
137 Princess and Maud Tennyson, Alfred Lord    
144 Queen of the Air Ruskin, John    
147 Rab and His Friends Brown, John    
148 Representative Men Emerson, Ralph Waldo    
149 Reveries of a Bachelor (For more information click here) Mitchell, Ik (Donald G.)    
150 Romance of a Poor Young Man Feuillet, Octave    
151 Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam FitzGerald, Edward    
159 Sartor Resartus Carlyle, Thomas    
160 Scarlet Letter (For more information click here) Hawthorne, Nathaniel    
161 Sentimental Journey Sterne, Laurence    
162 Sesame and Lilies Ruskin, John    
163 Sketch Book Irving, Washington    
170 Tales from Shakespeare Lamb, Charles and Mary    
171 Tanglewood Tales Hawthorne, Nathaniel    
172 Ten Nights in a Bar-Room Arthur, Timothy Shay    
173 Things Will Take a Turn Harraden, Beatrice    
174 Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius Aurelius, Marcus    
175 Through the Looking Glass Carroll, Lewis    
176 Tom Brown's School Days Hughes, Thomas    
177 Treasure Island Stevenson, Robert Louis    
178 Two Years Before the Mast Dana Jr., Richard    
185 Undine Fouque, De La Motte    
189 Vic, the Autobiography of a Fox-Terrier Marsh, Marie More    
190 Vicar of Wakefield Goldsmith, Oliver    
194 Water-Babies Kingsley, Charles    
195 Weird Tales Poe, Edgar Allan    
196 Poems, Volume I (Whittier) Whittier, John Greenleaf    
197 Poems, Volume II (Whittier) Whittier, John Greenleaf    
198 Window in Thrums Barrie, J.M.    
199 Woman's Work in the Home Farrar, Frederic W.    
200 Wonder Book Hawthorne, Nathaniel    
206 Zoe Anonymous    


Henry Altemus      Format: 1      Volumes: 1 - 206
Cloth. Multicolored floral pattern. 6.5 x 4.25

Series Notes:
1. This series was published in 1899. This series' numbering was unique to it.



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