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Series 170 - Stories from History Series

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Stories from History Series
1911 - 1933
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Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 Romulus, the Founder of Rome Abbott, Jacob  
2 Cyrus the Great, the Founder of the Persian Empire Abbott, Jacob  
3 Darius the Great, King of the Medes and Persians Abbott, Jacob  
4 Xerxes the Great, King of Persia Abbott, Jacob  
5 Alexander the Great, King of Macedon Abbott, Jacob  
6 Pyrrhus, King of Epirus Abbott, Jacob  
7 Hannibal, the Carthaginian Abbott, Jacob  
8 Julius Caesar, the Roman Conqueror Abbott, Jacob  
9 Dickens' Child's History of England Dickens, Charles  
10 Alfred the Great of England Abbott, Jacob  
11 William the Conqueror, of England Abbott, Jacob  
12 Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of America Anonymous  
13 Hernando Cortez, the Conqueror of Mexico Abbott, Jacob  
14 Queen Elizabeth, of England Abbott, Jacob  
15 Mary, Queen of Scots Abbott, Jacob  
16 Grandfather's Chair Hawthorne, Nathaniel  
17 King Charles the First, of England Abbott, Jacob  
18 King Charles the Second, of England Abbott, Jacob  
19 Madame Roland, A Heroine of the French Revolution Abbott, Jacob  
20 Marie Antoinette, Queen of France Abbott, John S.C.  
21 Josephine, Empress of France Abbott, Jacob  
22 Battles of the War for Independence Holmes, Prescott  
23 Military Heroes of the United States Hartwell, James  
24 Heroes of the United States Navy Hartwell, James  
25 Lives of the Presidents of the United States (For more information click here) Holmes, Prescott  
26 Battles of the War for the Union Holmes, Prescott  
27 Young People's History of the War with Spain Holmes, Prescott  


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Cloth with line drawn book specific cover illustrations. Dust jacket matches the cover. 6.75 x 5.5.

Series Notes:
1. In 1911 the 27 books that originally made up this series were deleted from Series #202- Format 3- Young People's Library to become this series.
2. The size and covers of these books are the same as that of the Young People's Library, Format 3 with a few color changes here and there.
3. In 1915 the non Abbott titles were deleted from this series-leaving 18 books.
4. The first editions of this series list the 27 volumes on the back of the dust jacket and the series' book number on the spine. Later editions had the Young People's Library jacket used for the title prior to 1911. Without the jacket the earliest editions cannot always be distinguished from the later editions.
5. These books can be distinguished from the earlier books of the Young People's Library because the books of this series always have an ad in the back for the Stories from History Series.
6. If the picture of a particular book cover is not listed here, it can be found on the Young People's Library format 3 page. http://henryaltemus.com/series/series202F3.htm


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