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Series 176 - Trevose Series

Series Name:
Publish Dates:
Trevose Series
1915 - 1933
Varied reprint editions
Series Number:


Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 Man Without a Country Hale, Edward Everett  
2 Greatest Thing in the World Drummond, Henry  
3 King of the Golden River Ruskin, John  
4 Rab and His Friends Brown, John  
5 Friendship Thoreau, Henry  
6 Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam FitzGerald, Edward  
7 As a Man Thinketh Allen, James  


Henry Altemus Company
Full Morocco with gold gilt tops. Gold gilt title and author. Vest pocket size. 6 x 3.75. Boxed.

Series Notes:
1. This series was published from 1915 to 1933.
2. Book #7-As a Man Thinketh was added to this series in 1924.




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