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Series 22 - Meadow-Brook Girls Series

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Meadow-Brook Girls Series
1913 - 1914
Outdoor Adventures
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Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 Meadow-Brook Girls Under Canvas Aldridge, Janet 1913  
2 Meadow-Brook Girls Across Country Aldridge, Janet 1913  
3 Meadow-Brook Girls Afloat Aldridge, Janet 1913  
4 Meadow-Brook Girls in the Hills Aldridge, Janet 1914  
5 Meadow-Brook Girls By the Sea Aldridge, Janet 1914  
6 Meadow-Brook Girls on the Tennis Courts Aldridge, Janet 1914  


Henry Altemus Company      Format: 1      Volumes: 1 - 6
Cover has line drawn picture of a girl leaving a tent with an oar in her hand. Her clothes are red. A shield which says Meadow Brook Girls in the upper right of the cover is in red. The uncoated brown paper dust jacket matches the book except that the shield is in red up to 1913. It appears without the red color in 1914. 7.5 x 5.5.

Henry Altemus Company      Format: 2       Volumes: 1 - 6
The book cover is as in Format #1 with Meadow Brook Girls shield in red. There are two different white multicolored coated jackets. The earlier one has the same picture as the Format 1 books. The later one has a line drawn picture of a girl in a canoe just off the shore. 7.5 x 5.5

Henry Altemus Company      Format: 3      Volumes: 1 - 6
Cover has pictorial multicolored appliqué depicting two girls at a campfire. Occasionally the first format cover is seen here. Dust jacket matches the appliqué.

Series Notes:
1. The third format dust jacket and appliqué was illustrated by Walter Hayn.
2. For information about the Saalfield reprints of this series click here.


Detailed information about dating this series can be found at http://henryaltemus.com/juveniles/


Format 1 DJ (early)

Format 1 DJ (early) reverse

Format 1 DJ (later)

Format 1 DJ (later) reverse


Cover - Format 1-2, early 3

Format 2 DJ (early)

Format 2 DJ (later)

Format 3 Dust Jacket


Format 3 Cover (later)

Format 3 Appliqué Cover


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