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Series 24 - Perry Pierce Series

Series Name:
Publish Dates:
Perry Pierce Series
1931 - 1932
Mystery - Adventure
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Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 Who Closed the Door Locke, Clinton 1931 Tandy, Russell H.
2 Who Opened the Safe Locke, Clinton 1931 Tandy, Russell H.
3 Who Hid the Key Locke, Clinton 1932 Tandy, Russell H.
4 Who Took the Papers Locke, Clinton 1934 Stevens, C. C.


Henry Altemus Company
Pictorial book appropriate dust jacket which is different for each book. Plain teal book with red lettered title and author on the front cover. 7.75 x 5.

Series Notes:
1. The first book was written by Leslie McFarlane. The last three were written by Walter Karig.
2. Book Number 4 was initially published by Donohue. Altemus never published this book although it is frequently stated that it did in other bibliographies and in Altemus catalogues.
3. For information about the Donohue reprints of this series click here.
4. For information about the Goldsmith reprints of this series click here.


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