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Series 3 - Automobile Girls Series

Series Name:
Publish Dates:
Automobile Girls Series
1910 - 1913
Outdoor Adventures
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Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 Automobile Girls at Newport Crane, Laura Dent 1910  
2 Automobile Girls in the Berkshires Crane, Laura Dent 1910  
3 Automobile Girls Along the Hudson Crane, Laura Dent 1910  
4 Automobile Girls at Chicago Crane, Laura Dent 1912  
5 Automobile Girls at Palm Beach Crane, Laura Dent 1913  
6 Automobile Girls at Washington Crane, Laura Dent 1913  


Henry Altemus Company      Format: 1      Volumes: 1 - 6
Line drawn cover picture of girls in an old red car in front of a building. Uncoated brown dust jacket matches the cover. 7.5 x 5.5

Henry Altemus Company      Format: 2      Volumes: 1 - 6
Same cover as above. White coated jacket matches cover. Early jackets have only red coloring of the car. Later jackets add green seats and buildings and delete the background clouds.

Henry Altemus Company      Format: 3      Volumes: 1 - 6
Some books have appliqué with pictorial multicolored picture of girl in foreground sitting in a car and background girl picking flowers. Other books have the line drawn cover as in formats one and two but without any colors. The jacket matches the appliqué.

Series Notes:
1. For more information on the first format dust jackets see here.
2. The third format jacket was illustrated by Walter Hayn.
3. The cover picture of the Format 1 and Format 2 books is the Newport Casino. See http://henryaltemus.com/juveniles/index.htm#ags


Detailed information about dating this series can be found at http://henryaltemus.com/juveniles/


Format 1 DJ First edition

Format 1 Dust Jacket (early)

Format 1 Dust Jacket (later)

Format 1 DJ 1st edition-reverse


Format 1 Dust Jacket- Early reverse

Format 1 Dust Jacket- Later reverse

Format 1 Dust Jacket- Latest reverse

Format 2 DJ (early)


Format 2 DJ (later)

Format 2 DJ (later-variant)

Format 3 Dust Jacket

Format 1 Cover (early)


Format 1 Cover (later)

Format 2 Cover

Format 3 Appliqué Cover

Format 3 Cover (later)


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