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Series 31 - Ted Jones Series

Series Name:
Publish Dates:
Ted Jones (see Fortune Hunters Series)
1928 - 1928
Mystery - Adventure
Series Number:


Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 Ted Jones, Fortune Hunter Patchin, Frank Gee 1928 Anonymous
2 Ted Jones at Desperation Island Patchin, Frank Gee 1928 Anonymous
3 Ted Jones' Weeks of Terror Patchin, Frank Gee 1928 Anonymous
4 Ted Jones Under Sealed Orders Patchin, Frank Gee 1928 Anonymous


Henry Altemus Company      Format: 1      Volumes: 1 - 4
Blue cloth with multicolored applique picture of two sailors on the deck of a boat on rough seas. Dust jacket has a picture identical to the applique.

Henry Altemus Company      Format: 2      Volumes: 1 - 4
Light blue cloth. Blind stamped with the author and title in brown lettering on the front cover. Dust jacket is the same as in format 1.

Series Notes:
1. The later books have the reduced page count of 208-212.


Detailed information about dating this series can be found at http://henryaltemus.com/juveniles/


Format 1/2 Dust Jacket

Format 1 #3

Format 1 #4

Format 2 #1


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