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Series 35 - Abbott's Historical Series

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Abbott's Historical Series
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1Romulus, the Founder of Rome Abbott, Jacob1900
2Cyrus the Great, the Founder of the Persian Empire Abbott, Jacob1900
3Darius the Great, King of the Medes and Persians Abbott, Jacob1900
4Xerxes the Great, King of Persia Abbott, Jacob1900
5Alexander the Great, King of Macedon Abbott, Jacob1900
6Pyrrhus, King of Epirus Abbott, Jacob1900
7Hannibal, the Carthaginian Abbott, Jacob1900
8Julius Caesar, the Roman Conqueror Abbott, Jacob1900
9Alfred the Great of England Abbott, Jacob1900
10William the Conqueror, of England Abbott, Jacob1900
11Hernando Cortez, the Conqueror of Mexico Abbott, Jacob1900
12Mary, Queen of Scots Abbott, Jacob1900
13Queen Elizabeth, of England Abbott, Jacob1900
14King Charles the First, of England Abbott, Jacob1900
15King Charles the Second, of England Abbott, Jacob1900
16Marie Antoinette, Queen of France Abbott, John S.C.1900
17Madame Roland, A Heroine of the French Revolution Abbott, Jacob1900
18Josephine, Empress of France Abbott, Jacob1900


Henry Altemus
Cloth. Book appropriate line drawn picture of the main character in the book in typical garb and surroundings. Dust jacket matches the book. 7 x 5.

Series Notes:
1. These 18 books were published in 1900 just prior to their inclusion and publication as part of the Young People's Library Format 2 later in 1900.
2. The cover pictures are the same (except for color variations) as the exact title when it was part of the Young People's Library (Series #202) and Stories from History Series (#170).
3. The title page says Henry Altemus indicating an early 1900 publication date since the book is copyrighted in 1900.
4. The title page is glossy and the reverse of the title page states the name of the series and a list of the books.
5. The books of this series are incredibly rare especially as compared to the other two series that have the same titles (#202/#170) the books of which are very common.



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