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Series 45 - Beautiful Stories Series

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Beautiful Stories Series
1906 - 1906
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Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 First Christmas Willard, J. H. 1906
2 First Easter Willard, J. H. 1906
3 Once in Seven Years Willard, J. H. 1906
4 With Hammer and Nail Willard, J. H. 1906
5 Five Kings in a Cave Willard, J. H. 1906
6 Wisest Man Willard, J. H. 1906
7 Farmer's Wife Willard, J. H. 1906
8 Man Who Did Not Die Willard, J. H. 1906
9 When Iron Did Swim Willard, J. H. 1906
10 What is Sweeter Than Honey Willard, J. H. 1906


Henry Altemus Company      Format: 1      Volumes: 1 - 10
Half vellum with gold gilt decorative pattern on the left of the cover within which is the book's title, author and series name. The right half of the cover has an illuminated multicolor book appropriate picture with a colorful decorative pattern above and below. The dust jacket has writing on it which tells the book's title, author and series name. Earliest books in this format have orange decorative end papers. (See pictures)

Henry Altemus Company      Format: 2      Volumes: 1 - 10
The book cover is the same as Format 1. The dust jacket has a picture in muted colors of a lady standing with an urn next to a well.

Henry Altemus Company      Format: 3      Volumes: 1 - 10
Half vellum (green) as above. Right half of the cover has a full size colored picture of a flower. Earlier books have the Format 2 dust jacket whereas later books have the Format 3 dust jacket. The Format 3 dust jacket is the same as the Format 2 jacket except it is without colors.

Henry Altemus Company      Format: 4      Volumes: 1 - 10
Half vellum( gold or green-later) the same as Formats 1 and 2. The right of the cover has an idyllic country scene within a rectangle which has some border flowers. The Format 3 dust jacket is seen with this format. Occasionally Format 5 dust jackets have ben placed on the earlier Format 4 books.

Henry Altemus Company      Format: 5      Volumes: 1 - 10
Cover has line drawn picture of ancient biblical community surrounding a book appropriate pictorial multicolored applique. The later books have a colorless frontispiece. Dust jacket matches the book. 7.25 x 4.

Henry Altemus Company      Format: 6      Volumes: 1 - 10
Half vellum in green as above. Right cover has a light bluish pattern of leaves. Same dust jacket as in #5.

Series Notes:
1. There are a number of similarities between the covers of this series and those of Series #63- Children of the Bible Series.
    a. The decorative pattern above the illuminated picture in Format 1 and 2 here is the same as that seen in Format 2 in Series #63
    b. The idyllic rectangular pictures of this series and that series are the same.
    c. Format 5 here and Format 5 there are the same except for the actual cover designs/pictures.
2. There are a total of 4 rectangular idyllic pictures. Three of the four are shown here. For the fourth, see Series #63.
3. It is unclear how many flower patterns there are in Format 3. More examples can be seen at Series #63.
4. Although this series is very similar to Series #63- Children of the Bible in terms of the same number of books, same author, and similar formats, the books are much less commonly found.


Front Endpapers

Rear Endpapers


Format 1 Dust Jacket

Format 2-3 Dust Jacket

Format 3 Dust Jacket

Format 3-4 Dust Jacket


Format 1-2 #1

Format 1-2 #2

Format 1-2 #3

Format 1-2 #4


Format 1-2 #5

Format 1-2 #6

Format 1-2 #7

Format 1-2 #8


Format 1-2 #9

Format 1-2 #10

Format 3

Format 3


Format 3

Format 3

Format 4

Format 4


Format 4

Format 4

Format 5 #1

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Format 5 #4

Format 5 #5

Format 5 #6

Format 5 #7


Format 5 #8

Format 5 #9

Format 5 #10

Format 6


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