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Series 60 - Boys' and Girls' Series of New Copyrights

Series Name:
Publish Dates:
Boys' and Girls' Series of New Copyrights
1901 - 1902
Children's stories
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Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 Little Lady-Her Book Paine, Albert Bigelow 1901 Wager-Smith, Curtis
2 Caps and Capers Jackson, Gabrielle E. 1901 Relyea, C.M.
3 Tommy Foster's Adventures Ober, Frederick A. 1901 Arthur, Stanley
4 Polly Perkin's Adventures Liddell, E. Louise 1902 Strehlau, C.A.
5 Doughnuts and Diplomas Jackson, Gabrielle E. 1902 Relyea, C.M.
6 Wings and Fetters Kingsley, Florence Morse 1902 Birch, Reginald
7 For Prey and Spoils Ober, Frederick A. 1902 Birch, Reginald


Henry Altemus Company
Cloth. Book appropriate multicolored line drawn picture on the cover. Dust jacket is on brown uncoated paper. The dust jacket picture matches the frontispiece. 7.5 x 5.

Series Notes:
1. The first editions of books #1-3 (the 1901 books) have decorated end papers.
2. By 1902 the endpapers of all seven books were plain.
3. All the 1901 and 1902 editions have glossy frontispieces.
4. All of the books of this series (except for #6-Wings and Fetters) starting in 1907 were part of Series #105 Little Men and Women Series. (http://henryaltemus.com/series/series125.htm)
5. The books of Series #105 Little Men and Women Series had plain paper frontispieces.





#4 Dust Jacket






#1- Front endpapers

#1- Rear endpapers


#2- Front Endpapers

#2- Rear Endpapers


#3- Front Endpapers

#3- Rear Endpapers


1901 Advertising Flyer


Tommy Foster's Adventures was first published by Altemus in 1901 as part of the Boys' and Girls' Series of New Copyrights. Folly in Fairyland was also first published by Altemus in 1901. This latter book was the first title in the two book Folly Series. Since both books first came out in 1901, a reasonable assumption is that the flyer is from that same year. It is 7.125 x 3.25 which is the typical size of the Altemus one sheet advertising flyers.

It is likely that most all Altemus titles/series had similar advertisements. Unfortunately they are quite hard to find.



Advertising Flyer


1902 Advertising Flyer found
Within a Diplome L’Honneur Series book a one sheet advertising flyer has been discovered. This series was only published in 1902 and both books advertised on the flyer are also 1902 books.

As pictured below, on one side of the flyer is a picture of the frontispiece from the book Gypsy the Talking Dog by Tudor Jenks. The Jenks’ book was originally part of the two volume Jenks’ Talking Animal Series (Series #111). Later, beginning in 1908, it was part of the Little Men and Women Series (Series #125)

The other side of the flyer advertises Wings and Fetters by Florence Morse Kingsley. This book was part of The Boy’s and Girl’s Series of New Copyrights (Series # 60) published in 1901-1902. Of interest is that the picture seen on the flyer does not appear in the book. This book has an illustration page which lists the four glossy pictures found within. None match the flyer’s picture. A puzzle to be sure.

The flyer is 7.25” x 3.25”.

1902 Ad #1

1902 Ad #2



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