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Series 80 - Eternal Life Series

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Eternal Life Series
1896 - 1898
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Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1Eternal Life Drummond, Henry1896
2Lord, Teach Us to Pray Murray, Andrew1896
3God's Word and God's Work Luther, Martin1896
4Faith Arnold, Thomas1896
5Creation Story Gladstone, William E,1896
6Message of Comfort Oxenden, Rev. Ashton1896
7Message of Peace Church, Rev. R.W.1896
8Lord's Prayer and the Ten Commandments Stanley, Dean1896
9Memoirs of Jesus Horton, Rev. Robert F.1896
10Hymns of Praise and Gladness Scovil, Elisabeth R.1896
11Difficulties Smith, Hannah Whitall1896
12Gamblers and Gambling Beecher, Rev. Henry Ward1896
13Have Faith in God Murray, Andrew1896
14Twelve Causes of Dishonesty Beecher, Rev. Henry Ward1896
15Christ in Whom Christians Believe Brooks, Phillips1896
16In My Name Murray, Andrew1896
17Six Warnings Beecher, Rev. Henry Ward1896
18Duty of Christian Business Man Brooks, Phillips1896
19Popular Amusements Beecher, Rev. Henry Ward1896
20True Liberty Brooks, Phillips1896
21Industry and Idleness Beecher, Rev. Henry Ward1896
22Beauty of a Life of Service Brooks, Phillips1896
23Second Coming of Our Lord Pierson, Rev. A. T.1896
24Thought and Action Brooks, Phillips1896
25Heavenly Vision Meyer, Rev.F.B.1896
26Morning Strength Scovil, Elisabeth R.1897
27For the Quiet Hour Bradt, Edith V.1897
28Evening Comfort Scovil, Elisabeth R.1897
29Words of Help for Christian Girls Meyer, Rev.F.B.1897
30How to Study the Bible Moody, Rev. Dwight L.1897
31Expectation Corner Elliot, E.S.1897
32Jessica's First Prayer Stretton, Hesba1897
33Jessica's Mother Stretton, Hesba1898
34Greatest Thing in the World Drummond, Henry1898
35How to Learn How Drummond, Henry1898
36What is a Christian? The Study of the Bible; A Talk on Books Drummond, Henry1898
37Pax Vobiscum Drummond, Henry1898
38Changed Life Drummond, Henry1898
39First! A Talk With Boys Drummond, Henry1898


Henry Altemus
Leatherette. White and light blue seen. Decorative patterns in silver, green, and blue seen. Title and author in silver gilt lettering on the front cover. 7 x 4.5 initially but later 7.25 x 5.

Series Notes:
1. Some of the books have the author's picture on a glossy frontispiece.
2. Volumes #1-24 were published in 1896. In 1897, books #25-32 were published. In 1898 #33-39 were published.
3. Publication of this series ceased in 1898.
4. Same format as Belles-Lettres Series.




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