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Series 93 - Gertrude Smith's Bible Stories

Series Name:
Publish Dates:
Gertrude Smith's Bible Stories
1914 - 1933
Series Number:


Title: Author: Year: Illustrator:
1 Baby Bible Stories Smith, Gertrude 1904 Anonymous
2 Bedtime Bible Stories for Little Children Smith, Gertrude 1914 Anonymous
3 Robbie's Bible Stories Smith, Gertrude 1905 Anonymous
4 Delight Smith, Gertrude 1907 Wager-Smith, Curtis


Henry Altemus Company
Red cloth cover with a vertical band of white cloth next to the spine. Embossed gold gilt arch decoration on red and white sections. Lettering on spine and front cover is in gold gilt. Red section has a line drawn picture which is different for each book. The earlier dust jacket which has not been seen is presumed to match the book cover. The later dust jacket has a multicolored picture illustrating a scene from the book. It is on white coated paper. 7 x 5.

Series Notes:
1. Books #1, 3 and 4 were initially part of the Boys and Girls Booklover's Series.
2. Beginning in 1914 the 4 books were grouped together under this series name.
3. Reprints of these books were published until 1933 when Altemus went out of business.
4. Early books are indistinguishable from later books except for the advertised prices. 1914-1916 - 50 cents. 1917-1918 - 60 cents. 1918-1933 - $1.00.
5. The original copyrights are shown here.



#2 Dust Jacket


#3 Dust Jacket





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