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The following information includes updates and addenda to the bibliography as well as corrections of errors (substantive, typographical, etc) found in the 1st edition of our Henry Altemus bibliography. You can review this section by the most recent entry or by the series number. Non series listings follow series listings.


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Updates, Addenda & Errata
Date Series Num Information
30 Apr 2007 65

Christmas Gift Series


In the bibliography it was pointed out that this very rare series was never noted in any Altemus catalogue or advertisement. At the time of the bibliography publication only 4 books were known to have been a part of this series. Also only pink covers had been seen. Pictured here is a book with a green cover.

New books found that are part of this series include:
Stepping Heavenward #25
Evangeline #10
Prince of the House of David
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

In order to know the number of the book definitively within the series the very rare box has to be present because that is the only place where the number can be found. So far the two numbers seen above as well as The Courtship of Miles Standish #7 are the only numbers known. It can be assumed that the books were ordered alphabetically.



21 Apr 2007 180

Vademecum Series - More Alphonse Mucha and Altemus


A previous update on November 26, 2005 reviewed a Petit Trianon Series format that had illustrations by the Czech artist Mucha on the cover.

A new Mucha painting has been discovered on a Vademecum Series cover. Until recently it was felt that the 1901 Vademecum Series books has only scenic illustrations from European artists in the rectangle on the front cover. Altemus used a series of paintings randomly on the Vademecum books between 1901 and 1907. The pictures were placed within different front cover patterns on the books of these years. So far 34 different paintings have been discovered. Now a book has been discovered in the 1901 Vademecum Series that did not have a painting of scenery but rather has an Alphonse Mucha painting.

The painting is entitled Winter and was from his The Seasons Series. It was painted in 1896.

It is possible that other non scenery paintings were used by Altemus. These as of yet are undiscovered. The Mucha cover is shown here with an example of a more typical cover.



19 Apr 2007 158

Riviere Series


A new book and format discovered.

This series is a typical Altemus reprint series. It was published in 1901 and had the usual books that the Vademecum, Petit Trianon and other reprint series included. There was one exception however. This series had William the Conqueror by Jacob Abbott. This is the only Abbott book that was found in a series outside the Young People's Library and its offshoots. This book does not have the typical Young People's Library spine nor is it the same size as the latter books. It is 7 x 4.5 (Riviere Series size) not 6.75 x 5.5 like the Young People's Library books. Also of great interest is that this book lists Jacob Abbott as the author on the cover of the book but John S.C. Abbott the author on the title page. The Young People's Library book lists Jacob Abbott in both places.

I suspect that this is the only Riviere Series book with a format all of its own.



18 Apr 2007 31

Ted Jones Series


A new format has been found. A plain cover with only lettering without the applique is shown here. This is a later edition. (Format 2). Of note it has the revised text with only 212 pages. The cover is reminiscent of other Altemus juvenile series of the 1930's-i.e. Randy Starr, Doris Force, Perry Pierce. The jacket is the same as is seen in the earlier format.



15 Apr 2007

Non Series #30 - The Care of Children


There have now been seen 4 different editions of The Care of Children by Elizabeth Scovil. Details with pictures can be found in the Non Series section.



31 Mar 2007 50

Belles-Lettres Series


In the bibliography book #6 is listed as Confessions of an Opium Eater. This is incorrect. Book #6 is actually Conversation by Thomas De Quincey.

26 Mar 2007 131

Mother Goose Series


Book #2 was initially entitled Animal Stories for Little People. In the second year of the series and thereafter it was called Our Animal Friends. The series was first published in 1904 not 1905 as the bibliography states.



18 Mar 2007 57

Boys and Girls Classics (new)


This series was reprinted until 1926 not 1913 like the bibliography states.

The catalogues note that the books came boxed from the inception of the series. A dust jacketed book has been seen. Whether the box contained the jacketed book or the books were also published with jackets without boxes is unclear at this time.

The newly discovered book which dates from 1923 is shown below.



16 Mar 2007 77

Divinity Classics Series


New Boxed set seen.

Altemus published numerous books that originally came boxed. Most of the publisher's series of the 1890s as well as the Wee Books for Wee Folks 1904 books, Boys and Girls Classics and miscellaneous others came boxed. Most all of these boxes were for one book only. In the mid 1890s however there were some series that came with multi volume boxes. Nathaniel Hawthorne's Works (Series #135) came in a 5 volume box. The Three Volume Sets (Series #175) came with 3 book boxes.

The Divinity Classics (Series # 77). was published in 1894 with one three book box. In 1895 the Divinity Classics Series consisted of 13 two volume boxed sets. The first one consisting of books #1 and #2 is shown here. These multi volume boxed sets are extremely rare.



14 Feb 2007 202

Young People's Library


A Child's Garden of Verses which is book #39a within the third format has no copyright listed in the bibliography. It should be 1902.



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