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Although Altemus was well known for publishing reprints, it also held the original copyright for numerous books. The most popular among these were its juvenile series books and the Wee Books for Wee Folks. There are a number of less well known series/titles for which this was also the case. This section reviews the books that were reprinted by other publishers after Altemus went out of business.

M. A. Donohue & Company
-Aircraft Boys Series
-Doris Force Series for Girls
-Grace Harlowe Series (includes High School and College Girls Series)
-High School Boy Series
-High School Boys Vacation Series
-Perry Pierce Mystery Stories for Boys

Goldsmith Publishing Company
-Doris Force Series for Girls
-Grace Harlowe High School Series
-Perry Pierce Mystery Stories for Boys

A.J. Holman Company
-Bible Story Books

David McKay Company
-Juvenile Quarto Series
-Books for Young Children
-Old Favorites Series

Platt and Munk Co., Inc.
-Colorful Story Books
-Dot Drawing Series
-Little Dots for Little Tots Series
-Little Dots Drawing Book Series
-Magic Drawing Book Series
-Story Book Series
-Wee Books for Wee Folks

Saalfield Publishing Company
-Annapolis Series
-Battleship Boys Series
-Circus Boys Series
-Dave Darrin Series
-Grace Harlowe Overland Riders Series
-Madge Morton Series
-Meadowbrook Girls Series
-Pony Rider Boys Series
-Randy Starr Series (Also called the Sky Flyers Series)
-Submarine Boys Series
-Uncle Sam's Boys Series(Also called Boys of Army Series)
-West Point Series
-Young Engineers Series



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