Question & Answer Series 181- Valenciennes Series

Q: Hello,

Attached are a couple of pictures. I am having issues dating this book (Undine). When I searched for the title nothing came up and this title did not come up under the author’s name either. on your site. Any information would be great!

Thank you.

A: Your book is part of the Valenciennes Series and was published in 1897.
It is a reprint as are all the titles in this series.

These books originally came within a labeled box.

Series #82 Ever New Series

The books of this 16 title series were published between 1915 and 1922 and originally came in dust jackets. The volumes are almost identical to the Young People’s Library, Format 3 which were published at the same time. The differences are that these books are larger in size (note the design on the bottom of the cover) and they have four glossy pages of multicolored illustrations (colored plates). The text is the same.

The volumes in this series are also much scarcer than the Young People’s Library (Series #202) titles.

Ever New Series

Q&A: Platt and Munk reprints of the Wee Books for Wee Folks Series

Q: I am searching for a bit more information on books that were my Mother’s when she was a child.
I tried searching on Ebay and Biblio, but could only find a few books from varying series.

What I have:
All four Wee Books from Set No. 1. (Tale of Peter Rabbit, Peter Rabbit Went To Sea, Peter Rabbit at the Farm, Peter Rabbit’s Christmas)
Two books from Set No. 7.
Two books from Set No. 8.
Four books from Set No. or Series No. 126.
And, one book entitled, ‘Peter Rabbit and the Little Girl’.

Each book is in excellent condition. In fact, I’m not sure they’ve ever been read or looked through.

A: These books are reprints of the original Altemus Wee Books for Wee Folks volumes. Altemus published these little books in several series between 1904 and 1933. Platt and Munk reprinted a number of titles in beginning in 1935. The reprints and the Altemus originals came with dust jackets. The reprints also came in labeled boxes. A Platt and Munk box is shown below.

For more information see:

Question & Answer Series 176 Trevose Series

Q: I was wondering if you could tell me the age of my little copy of The King of the Golden River. It is a very plain cover, which looks like none of the others on your site save A Shropshire Lad.

Thank you for any information you can give me.

A: Your book is part of the seven volume Trevose Series. These reprints were published between 1915 and 1933 and originally came boxed.

A representative series picture is shown here:

There is no point that distinguishes an early printing from a later printing.

Question & Answer Series 137 One Syllable Series

Q: I was wondering if you would know how much these books were worth (general ball park). The Swiss family Robinson was copyright in 1900 by Henry Altemus.
The Gulliver’s Travels copyright in 1899 by Henry Altemus.
If you could help I would appreciate it. Thank you.

A: Both of these books are part of the One Syllable Series. This 12 book series had four formats and this is format #2. The format 3 books were published between 1900 and 1908. They originally came with a dust jacket. (See Below) In mediocre condition without a dust jacket they only have nominal value.

Below are the pictures of the four formats for Gulliver Travels.

Format 1 Format 2 Format 3 Format 4

Question & Answer Series 150 Popular Series of Famous Authors

Q: Greetings,
I came across your website in a search for info about a book that has been passed down through my husband’s family. It is an edition of Drummond’s Addresses, with 8 stories. Approximate measurement is 4-1/2 x 6 inches. A handwritten inscription reads “To Lizzie from Alice. Christmas 1893.”

I’ve attached photos. Can you tell me anything about this book? I didn’t see this particular cover on your website.

Is there any resale value?

A: This book belongs to the seven title Series #150 Popular Series of Famous Authors. This titles previously had been published as a non series book. This is the only Altemus series that uses this particular left sided cover decoration. These books originally had dust jackets.

For more information see:

Question & Answer Series 180 Vademecum Series

Q: I recently acquired a book that I can’t locate anywhere.

It is WEIRD TALES, 1899. What I am finding is that every copy I’ve seen and every other frontispiece illustration used in this printing does not match the one I have. I’ve seen other sellers date this at 1895, when I think it is actually 1899.

The copyright page says 1895, but the illustration says 1899. The illustration is a ghastly color version of the ape cutting a woman’s head off. I have not seen this in color anywhere else but in the book I have.

Can you tell me about it and it’s possible value?

I am a new collector and after perusing the Altemus website, I am a big fan. All of your books are beautiful!

A: Your book is from the Vademecum Series and was published in 1899.

This cover format was published in a number of different colors (some examples are shown below) and sold within a labeled box.

All of the books in this series are reprints. Therefore the value of these titles is somewhat limited. On the other hand, there are Poe completists out there who want every Poe format. One of them might feel this book is worth a bit. Hard to say.

Question & Answer Series 179 Vademecum Series

Q: Hi, A good friend found this Black Beauty Book, and gave it to me as I have always loved it, and was wondering the age and value. There is an inscription dated 1989. Here are a few pictures.
Any help would be appreciated.

A: Your book is part of the Vademecum Series and was published in 1898.

It is a reprint. This format originally was sold within a labeled box.

The cover has been seen with a number of different colors. Some are shown below.