Question & Answer Series 180 Vademecum Series

Q: I bought this book (The Lady of the Lake) at a yardsale. I wasn’t having much luck looking it up til I found your site. However, I did not find this exact combination (color and cover painting). The book has an extra page inserted that doesn’t seem to go to this book ??? It also has some kind of a silver colored paper cut out embossed sticker looking thing with an image of a chariot on it. Do you know what it is? I will attempt to send photos.

A: Your book has the 1901 cover from the Vademecum Series. Each year the of this series changed. Every cover came in a number of different covers.

In the 1901 books more than 40 different potential pictures exist. If you look at the pictures on the URL above, yours is #35. Each color cover can be seen with any picture. So there are 100’s of different combinations for each year that these pictures were used -none rarer or more valuable than any other.

I have no idea what the sticker is. Sorry.