Bess Goe Willis (1871-1957)

This artist illustrated a number of Wee Books. She executed all of the drawings for the five book Little Sallie Mandy Series as well as several Wee Folks Peter Rabbit books and a few other Wee Books for Wee Folks titles.

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I received correspondence from Ms. Willis’ family. They related a bit of her history and a nice picture.

“Bess was born on February 24, 1871 and in her childhood lived in the Pittsburgh area. Her father, Henry Bateman Goe, owned a tannery there and had considerable wealth. However, when Bess was 16 years old, he lost his fortune. At some point in her youth, Bess went to New York City and was enrolled in art school there. She passed away on July 17,1957 in Malone, New York.”