Wood’s Natural History- Young People’s Library Format 1

This 249 page book written by Rev. J. G. Wood was first published in this series in 1897. The Altemus book appears to be a compilation from previous Wood’s titles. When referring to editions here, only the Altemus printings are noted. The Altemus books are not the first editions of this work.

There are two Format 1 editions noted.

The Henry Altemus first edition books:
1. Covers with the green coloring within the circle
2. A pictorial illustrated colored frontispiece
3. No ads in the back of the book.
4. Front ads list to Black Beauty

A later first edition printing has ads in the back that list to Black Beauty.

The latest first edition edition books:
1. No green within the cover circle
2. A line drawn black and white picture frontispiece
3. Back ads list to Grandfather’ Chair
4. Front ads list to Flower Tales