Series 143- Petit Trianon Series

This is one of Altemus’ publisher’s series. The Series consists of numerous reprints of classics, poetry, fiction, essays, etc. Every year or so between 1896 and 1910 the cover design changed. In 1903-1904 the cover design consisted of a pedestal on the left and a flower on the right of the cover in three of the four formats. (There is a suede cover with the pedestal but without the flower).

The three flower covers are distinguished by the pedestal side color which has been seen in blue, pink and white. Each cover has one of sixteen possible flowers on the right. Thus there are sixteen different possible blue covers, sixteen pink and sixteen white.

The picture below is a new cover for the data base. With this cover there are eight of the sixteen blue pedestal covers displayed at

There are nine white covers and seven pink covers also shown.
Lowell's Poems