Question & Answer Series 146 Poems We Love

Q: I have a copy of “Lucile” that appears to be Velvet Calf with gold on top. It’s in fairly good condition I’d say (I’m not any expert) with just the bottom of the book cover being bent a little probably from being upright on a shelf. I lay it flat. It is clearly green but is faded on front.

Something I find quite interesting is there are multiple pages that appear to be uncut on the bottom edge. The front simply says “LUCILE” embossed in gold and a gold embossed harp in the lower right corner.

I believe this may have been part of a box set? Could you possibly give me some information on this book?

A: Your book is part of the ten title Poem’s We Love Series. All of the volumes were published between 1912 and 1915 and are reprints.

They originally came within a labeled box. An example is shown below.