Series 202-Format 3 Young People’s Library

Today a new variant cover is being added of this title for the Format 3 Young People’s Library. As I have noted before, most of the books of this series have been seen with more than one cover format or with changes in title pages/illustrations. The Child’s Garden of Verses has now been seen with 4 different covers. Since the Format 3 books of the Young People’s Library were published from 1902-1923 this really is not that unexpected. The new book has a paste-on (applique) cover. Based on the ads it was published between 1914 and 1919.

Here are the other four variants

This book is the earliest Format 3 book discovered so far.
The ads indicate a 1904-1906 book. I have not seen a 1902-1904 book as of yet.

The second earliest book is this one. It is a 1907-1908 book.

The next book was published after 1911 (It lists only Three Automobile Girl’s books.)

Interestingly two different interiors have been noted with this cover. One has a black and white frontispiece -like the other early books whereas the later book has a colored frontispiece like the later “applique” book.



The latest format seen has the paste-on (applique) cover. It was published between 1914-1919.