Question & Answer Series 180 Vademecum Series

Q: I am trying to investigate information on a book, published by your company. The title of the book is Laddie and Miss Toosey’s Mission. The actual book, in my possession, has no publication date, no author.

For reference, I have reviewed your online website. I am finding it contradictory, or perhaps it’s my ignorance of book publishing. You provide the series in the Laddie Series, 1909-1909. However, there’re varied references to the title, Laddie and Miss Toosey’s Mission.

I read your reference/info on identifying the “series” publications. I did find the Vademecum Series, noted it as the largest of the book series. I also identified the particular book cover, used on my book (as you will note from the attached pictures) Green with a gold rose design, dated 1915.

It is not the generic light brown cover, you show in some of your referencing.

Am I close to finding out more particulars about “Laddie”?

At the rear of my book the only referral is under a listing of many books called: Altemus’ Illustrated Vademecum Series. In the listings it shows as ..108 Laddie and Miss Toosey’s Mission.

I have no book jacket. I have no ornamented box. In a rear book preface to other publications, in the series, it states “full cloth” and priced at forty cents.

A: This title was published in numerous series and formats by Altemus. Your particular book is from the Vademecum Series and was published in 1915.


This format originally came within a labeled box. See below.

It was published hundreds of times by numerous publishers from the mid 1800’s on.